New co-writer of Zenit Designs next chapter, Dejan

We are happy to announce our new team member, Dejan, a Malmö born and raised force to be reckoned with. Having 10 years of experience in the design sector, having worked with Topp Design, ustwo and The Astonishing Tribe to mention a few, Dejan joins Zenit Design for new challenges.

Jonas Svennberg, CEO, welcomes Dejan and says:

Our clients are witnessing the absence of agencies integrating both digital and physical design in the same process when developing products, and to get a harmonised end result, this needs to happen parallelly. Though Zenit Design’s origin lies in pure product design, we have over time grown into being fully user-centric and thus also working with UX/UI. With years of experience in the digital sector, Dejan will work towards being the bridge between us and our digital-heavy clients.

Dejan wouldn’t describe himself as a salesman; for he relates more to the role as an advisor, bringing client and design team together to form strong relationships built on trust and business based on a mutual value exchange. What he is selling is not the end result of a specific project, but the capacity, potential and experience of our team of designers.

I am really impressed with Zenit Design’s track record and the deep level of craftsmanship and expertise that this team possess, and I find the potential of growing the company super-exciting! Can’t wait to get started!
November 20, 2019
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