Microsoft's Rodney Clark inspired by BrainLit business model

Congrats to our client BrainLit who just got great words from Microsoft's Rodney Clark, Vice President of its Worldwide IoT and Mixed Reality Team. In an Inspire conference, with a digital audience of over 30,000 tech developers and tech lovers, Clarke showcased BrainLit and praised the extra mile they have taken in getting their customers to reach their urges.

BrainLit has been working with Microsoft embedding it’s Azure Sphere cyber security anti-hacking technology and has, on top of “just” the biocentric lighting solution initially intended, taken scientifically based disinfectant lighting, UVC, to kill of viruses without disrupting businesses and daily office operations. Microsoft and BrainLit worked fast on this as customers are eager to return to their offices with inventive work solutions.

As fast and alongside, Zenit Design's contribution started in user research which was summed up into designing the actual product and is under way taking this all the way to production. The smart mechanical solution incorporates not only the technical difficulties but also the pressed schedule of launching this product this fall.

August 25, 2020
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