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In December 2018 we started working on the research project ‘’Circular and Bio based Economy - from theory to practice’’, enabled by funding from Vinnova. The reason for this study is to find solutions on how to speed up the transformation from a linear to a circular and bio based economy, together with the objective of this study. With a committed crew with clear goals, the process of finding solutions and alternative methods has been set in motion.


Vinnova, founded in 2001, works actively to encourage sustainable growth through financing of needs-driven research and effective innovation developments. We are working the project in collaboration with Hässleholm Miljö and Axis Communications.

Project approach

The tricky part about researching Circular Economy is the lack of correct answers. Each problem requires their own unique solution. This makes a wide process.
By attending different seminars and lectures performed by area specialists, the Sustainability Crew created a good foundation to progressively build on. The approach is to get out there hands on to identify existing hurdles, in order to detect or create new future proofing systems. What is being done/not being done, how and why?

What is stopping you?

The Sustainability Crew challenge you to reflect on what it is that's stopping you or your business from being more circular. Can you identify the problem but don't know how to approach it, or do you have a good solution but needs help in realising it? Feel free to reach out. Let's discuss!

Stina Hallström and Mathias Walter
We need to exceed ourselves in this matter - the bar can never be too high.  As designers, we can play an important part in this process. If we can’t design a good enough sustainable solution, we need to question the relevance of a product, or even a complete business case. In sync with a society value conversion, a real Circular Economy can be possible but it will require full collaboration between our leading companies, decision-makers and citizens.

Just the fact that we are working this project makes it easier to highlight the question. That’s when you can start to make change. To only have a conversation with the already convinced won’t give much. We have to raise the conversation to the common citizen and get them involved. My ambition with the Circular and Bio based Economy project is to gain mandate to raise the question in an early stage of our future projects.

We are part of the change

The amazing support from Vinnova provides the shovel to dig deeper instead of just scratching the surface. In December 2019 the Sustainability Crew will share the full project story. In the meantime we will communicate process updates.

The environmental issues are not something that will go away, but the opposite. It only grows bigger and as a designer, one has a certain responsibility to make sure the products and services landing in society is sustainable and setting a solid foundation for the future. To quote Stina; ‘’We are part of the change’’.

Who are you gonna call? - The sustainability crew

The crew contains of two devoted members, both having the environmental question at heart - Mechanical designer Stina Hallström and Design Strategy lead Mathias Walter. Both Stina and Mathias has a burning interest for our planet and how to save it - together they make the ‘’Sustainability Crew’’ here at Zenit Design.

April 9, 2019
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