Baking a successful and competitive cake

Our designers Katja & Rolf kicked off another design workshop-series for helping companies develop successful services, this time with ambitious librarians in the auditorium pearl, hidden in the winding attic hallways of Lund’s Library (Stadsbiblioteket, Lund).

The design process can be used for taking on almost any challenge, this is nothing new. However, there are some things that are crucial for a successful and competitive project outcome, such as developing the right kind of mindset and learning to be on guard for the common pitfalls. These aspects, which usually cannot be found in the typical design process cookbook, are what we want to emphasise in these workshops.

Workshop Pt. 1 - Stadsbiblioteket Lund
Katja at Workshop Pt. 2 - Region Skåne Headquarters, Malmö
Rolf at Workshop Pt. 2 - Region Skåne Headquarters, Malmö
September 9, 2019
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