Minutes of Light

Applied Services

  • Service Design
  • Product Design
  • Final Mechanical Design

Communicating time

When redesigning Trelleborg Central Station into a modern travel center, Zenit Design was asked to create a service or installation that would facilitate travel planning at the station, and create a more attractive user experience on spot.

By taking on the challenge from a Service Design point of view, we were able to identify the travellers needs. Using a range of service design methods, such as Service safari, Desktop walkthrough, Interviews and Benchmarking we were able to identify triggers and issues. Basing our ideation and concept development on that research we were able to discover a new way of displaying time. The result is a light installation that guides travelers and give the station a unique identity. It is called “Minutes of light” and is both an adornment and a visual way to communicate the time to the next train departure. A string of fifteen light balls count down the minutes until the next departure by changing color from “Pågatåg-purple” to white.

The new bus and train station was part of a large infrastructure project with a new railroad track between Malmö and Trelleborg. The new “Pågatåg” route and Trelleborg C opened on Lucia, December 13 2015.


Kajsa Bobjer

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