Zenit Design has a unique team of highly experienced engineers who have created successful products complete with manufacturing processes for clients for over 20 years. We work in a creative and integrated process with the design teams at Zenit Design.

Our engineers constantly monitor manufacturing trends, industrial sustainability, materials and processes and we are proud of our acquired knowledge and long experience in these areas.

From idea to realization

At our office in Malmö, Sweden, we have all the competencies you need to get your vision moving – product design, materials, strategic design, mechatronics, manufacturing and packaging. Zenit Design also has close working relationships with expert tooling and production partners operating in all areas of manufacture.

Whether you have a vision you want transformed into a ready-to-manufacture product or an existing product that needs to be re-engineered to suit the demands of the future, Zenit Design engineers are ready for the challenge.

We like to get involved at an early stage of your project so that we can assist in the compilation of technical requirement specifications and materials analysis. We will then create a conceptual mechanical design based on your requirements and you will see your idea grow into a real product in all its detail. At Zenit Design, we have a fully equipped workshop to create proof-of-concept prototypes when your product begins to take shape.

Optimized for production

Final mechanical design optimized for manufacturing and assembly is the next step in product development. Zenit Design will help you find suitable tooling, sourcing and manufacturing partners for your product and we will follow it into production and carry out quality control and first out-of-tool approvals.

Zenit Design engineers are with you all the way from product idea to product realization.

Common services:

  • Conceptual Mechanical Design
  • Final Mechanical Design
  • Mechatronics
  • Optimization for mass production
  • Cost Reduction & FEM Analysis
  • Form Filling Analysis
  • Tools & Parts Sourcing
  • Tools & Parts Validation


Malkus Arlemark

+46 704 20 77 35

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