Let Zenit Design be your strategic design partner when you want to create new products and services, re-position your brand or turn your vision of the future into reality. We provide a complete range of strategic and integrated product and business design services. From idea to manufacture, we will join you to create a successful product or service that will bring your business forward.

We have 20 years experience in providing strategic and complete product and service design to our customers.

User insight

We study the users to get deep understanding of their behavior and preferences, through co-creation, workshops, user interviews and field studies.

Product design

Zenit Design has all the competencies needed to design a product and improve an existing product and how it’s manufactured. We provide integrated strategic design and follow a holistic design approach. Skilled industrial designers at Zenit Design are experts in visualizing advanced medical devices products, consumer innovations and industrial applications.

Service design

Let us get involved in defining and developing the service you offer to your customers. We will improve it, test it and help you create a difference in your market. When Zenit Design work with services, we involve all stakeholders in the service chain. Our aim is to create services that people love to use.


Zenit Design has a skilled team of CGI-artists dedicated to provide you with beautifully rendered product stills and informative animations that aim to spark interest in your customers.

Graphic design

Our graphic designers identify the soul of your brand and give your product or service an expression that is aesthetically pleasing and highly recognisable. The work also includes logotype development, symbols, printed graphics and digital design.


Zenit Design packaging designers make your product reflect its true value in retail. We design the entire packaging solution and optimize everything inside for the perfect first impression.


Software and hardware interface. Zenit Design will make sure that your users experience your product as smart, engaging and easy to use.


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