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Zstove part 3: Product ready for production

Per Löfberg: "It's no coincidence that it works"

Zstove part 3: Product ready for production

Per Löfberg: "It's no coincidence that it works"

The pellet stove Zstove is now ready for production. Together with Emerging Cooking Solutions (ECS) and Zemission, we have developed a stove for pellets that generates very low emissions.

– The name Zstove became the obvious choice considering the three parties that have made the project possible: We at ECS who work in Zambia, Zenit Design and then Zemission, explains Per Löfberg from ECS about the project.

With the new pellet stove Zstove, the Swedish–Zambian company ECS wants to be part of the effort to fight dangerous cooking and deforestation. Wood from the forest is today used for fire in the form of charcoal.

– If a family in Africa stops using charcoal and switches to pellets instead, the carbon dioxide emissions will decrease by about 4 tonnes a year and family," says Per. There is, as far as I know, no area in the world where CO2 emissions can be reduced so radically, both individually and nationally, with such simple means.

The concept that makes a difference

Per says that there are many who want to do what ECS does, offer options for a more environmentally-friendly energy consumption, such as solar solutions. But in most parts of the world, up to 90% of the national energy demand is still covered by wood and charcoal. Sun is not the right solution for generating heat for cooking, but perfect for light and charging of phones. Emerging Cooking Solutions’ method is to offer pellets together with solar energy systems. With contributions from Sida, a Swedish government agency with the mission to reduce poverty in the world, ECS can now invest in sales with the pellet stove Zstove for a low package price that more people can afford.

– In the long run, we hope that the price can be lowered further so that the stove can be sold directly without instalment solutions," explains Per. The world cannot wait for the opportunity that is needed for everyone to be able to use an electric stove, because then there will be no trees left.

Construction and design finished – Zstove ready for production

In order to keep the low price for the end user, production will now go to China. The design work is complete and what now remains is for Emerging Cooking Solutions to get quotes for the production.

– It's no coincidence that the stove works, there are a lot of research and scientific methods behind it, Per says about the collaboration between the combustion experts at Zemission, the design and construction experts at Zenit Design, and ECS.

Testing that yielded results

Several tests and prototypes have been developed for the pellet stove, which has yielded such good results that scientists believed the measuring instruments were faulty when they tested Zstove – that’s how low levels of toxic gases were found in the air after burning pellets in the stove. Co–owner and Design Director of Zenit Design, Johan Lundgren (on the picture), who has participated in the entire project, explains:

– Through carefully designed natural draft, the pellet stove burns as clean as a stove with a fan, if not cleaner. Without a fan, we can skip expensive components and without a battery for a fan, the need for charging has been eliminated, says Johan. Zstove can also be used indoors, as long as there is a door or window ajar so that air and oxygen can enter the room.

Per, now when the project is nearing its end, what are your thoughts on the collaboration?

– The core of the collaboration has been the culture and the people who work at Zenit Design. Things happen because people want it to happen. My vision has been implemented thanks to Zenit Design.

Need help with your vision?

We help you with strategies, design concepts and product and service design. From idea to realization and packaging. Please contact Johan Lundgren to find out what we can do for you.

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