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“Every detail communicates the exclusivity, sophistication and functional performance we, and our customers, demand."

Lars Pedersen, Managing Director, Primare Systems


During 20 years Zenit Design has created award winning design!


By combining high-level strategic thinking with hands-on design work, we consistently create value for our clients. Read more

“Zenit Design truly understands the soul of our brand. Their designs successfully communicate this to our customers.”

Peter Friberg, Director, Axis Communications

“Cooperating with Zenit Design has helped us reach a unique market position, strengthen our brand, and gain media attention.”

Anders Nilsson, Marketing Manager, Beijer Electronics

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Turning vision into value since 1994

At Zenit Design, we collaborate closely with you at every stage to turn your vision into value. And when we say value, we mean much more than just economic value.

Another way we create value for you is through our dynamic, streamlined and open process, which makes full use of our extensive multi-discipline expertise: we work as a seamlessly integrated team of designers and engineers, and don’t rest until we have created designs that make you go ‘Wow!’

Ultimately, we know that by offering you a smarter, more inclusive process and pulse-quickening designs, you’ll want to keep working with us.  After all, at Zenit Design, we truly believe in the value of long-term relationships.


integrated 360°
design services

We offer a suite of high-quality services that give you everything you need to plan, develop, produce and launch a product. These are characterised by multi-discipline synergy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Importantly, we offer all our services under the same roof. Our holistic approach means we can work smarter, and harness the full potential of our extensive expertise in both design and engineering. We also have a comprehensive network of specialists and top-tier manufacturing partners who we can draw on, if necessary.

Using strategic tools, we develop future product platforms and company guidelines for you. Key benefits of this are: lower development costs, reduced time to market and a stronger brand and product portfolio.

Through our user-centred process we turn your vision into reality. In doing so, we analyse trends, provide a vision of potential products, and show how they can boost your business. This keeps you a step ahead.

Drawing on our extensive in-house expertise in production, mechatronics, manufacturing and materials, we can provide you with an end-to-end product development process. Our quality assurance tools ensure this will be state-of-the-art.

The packaging design we do is solidly anchored in reality. Science and visual aesthetics combined with usability and a deep understanding of brand and production gives us the possibility to deliver the packaging solution you need.

Our graphic design team pinpoints your brand advantages and translates them into powerful graphic profiles and product and instructional graphics. This enables you to outshine your competition and strengthen your brand.

Whether you need assistance developing interactive products, systems or services, we can help. We can provide visualised scenarios and prototypes of an intuitive future user experience, which will ‘wow’ your customers.

We analyse your customers’ service needs, help you identify and develop new services, and make your existing services more attractive. Consequently, you can improve customer loyalty and work more efficiently.

Uniquely, we combine in-depth knowledge of industrial design and cutting-edge product development with comprehensive pharmaceutical expertise. This, together with our quality assurance tools, puts us in unique position to create innovative and outstanding medical products.

Discover more about our medical development services >>

We have different ways to train people in various skills. Join our 6 month intrapreneurial training program to help execute your ideas or hire us for a one day Innovation Masterclass to help you and your company get a deeper understanding of the building blocks of innovation. If you want to develop specific innovation skills we can also provide tailor made classes in different areas, for example prototyping and idea generation.


We help our customers identify their innovation possibilites and quickly turn ambition into action. We help forming Innovation Strategies and are using an iterative process that helps create new stuff, builds innovation support systems and infuses an entrepreneurial spirit into the corporate culture. Our Innovation Lab is open for everyone – from the largest company to the startup.

Our newest service is the Innovation Compass, a tool for measuring your companys strenghts and weaknesses surrounding innovation. You spend 20 minutes answering 80 questions and get an analysis of your corporate culture, corporate climate and your current level of execution. An excellent way for you to start the conversation about how to adress innovation in your company.

Learn more about Innovation Compass >>


  • Design Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • mathias @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Mathias Walter

Building a product portfolio identity
for Axis Communications

Vision: Develop and maintain a consistent design identity that strengthens the product portfolio of Axis Communications - the global market leader in digital network video solutions.

Solution: Product identity program expressed in the form of a design manual and a design identity guide. Acting as strategic tools, these drive product development and competitive differentiation by ensuring Axis products project key brand values. In doing so, they increase profitability and strengthen the Axis Communications brand. Importantly, the program is consistently developed and updated in close collaboration with the client..

Awards: The Swedish Grand Design Award 2009.

  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Graphic Design
  • carl @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Carl Forslund

iPhone Smart Card and Fingerprint Reader
for Precise Biometrics

Vision: To develop an iPhone case for professionals with an integrated swipe sensor and smart card reader. In addition, develop the packaging and instructional design for the product.

Solution: The case is ergonomically designed with an aesthetic fit for the target group. It offers excellent protection and good grip. Its slim backside and semi transparent card slot allows the phone to lie flat and stable. A subtle indentation guides the finger when swiping the biometric sensor on the front. Plus, thanks to its slim design it ensures maximum portability and requires a minimum of materials to manufacture. In addition, the premium looking packaging and instructional design complements the product and the Tactivo brand.

  • Design Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Packaging Design
  • carl @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Carl Forslund

Creating a brand vision and matching audio products
for Orlo

Vision: Develop an integrated strategy, brand and product vision for the marketing and production of innovative portable speakers. In doing so, capitalise on a gap in the market.

Solution: Initial research defined the target group: the Urban Creative. Subsequently, a logo, graphic identity and product sketch were simultaneously developed. This allowed for strong integration between brand and product. The first Orlo speaker was launched in 2010. Named Cup-11, it has an elegant cup-like shape, optimised for mass-production and assembly. Importantly, the refined simplicity of the design reflects Orlo´s focus on innovation, honesty and sound quality.

  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • jonas @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Jonas Svennberg

Creating a range of wiring devices
for Schneider Electric Nordic

Vision: Develop a modular range of wiring devices for Sweden, Norway and Finland. This should be so user-friendly that it is recommended by installers and electricians, and so flexible that it attracts private consumers and architects and must be more customisable than existing alternatives.

Solution: The timeless, highly integrated design of the products allows electricians and homeowners to simply replace different finishing parts and accessories. The devices come in different coloured coatings and offer frames, which can be used for inserting photos etc. Consequently, they can be integrated with any interior theme after installation, without the need for technical expertise. Importantly, the devices also meet the demanding standards required for public buildings.

Awards: Red Dot Award 2011.

  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Interaction Design
  • marten @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Mårten Rittfeldt

Design of industrial computers
for Beijer Electronics

Vision: Develop an innovative series of industrial computers. Optimise the appearance of touch screen installations, the experience for the end-user, and the manufacturing process.

Solution: The Beijer Electronics iX series combines state-of-the-art technology with a powerful, user-friendly interface that facilitates operation. Modular design allows customers to combine screen size and processor, whilst maintaining the exterior design across all sizes and models. This solution makes the design unique within the product category. Every product detail speaks the same distinctive and cohesive design language. Efficient manufacturing line reduces use of materials.

  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Graphic Design
  • kajsa @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Kajsa Bobjer

Autoinjector with wireless communication
for Letcat

Vision: To improve the user-experience through combining an exclusive look with a user friendly design and wireless technology. The vision from the design team was ‘an autoinjector to be proud of‘.

Solution: Thanks to new revolutionary technique, high accuracy, durability and wireless communication, the patient can monitor the treatment, administer variable, fixed, multi or single doses and share data with medical staff. The design is soft yet sleek. The usability is enhanced by a hidden display and modern interface, which adapts to the user’s life.

  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Interaction Design
  • jonas @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Jonas Svennberg

New generation heat pumps
for Nibe

Vision: Create a range of heat pumps, which are differentiated by their ability to meet the needs of both end-users and independent installers. In doing so, develop a user interface and exterior design that meets trends in household design.

Solution: Design reflects results of an initial user study. The heavy components are divided into two, facilitating installation and simple maintenance. For example, the heat pump components can be removed from the water reservoir and plumbing. Intuitive user interface and menu structure encourage user interaction.

  • Design Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • marten @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Mårten Rittfeldt

Contemporary office chairs
for RH Chairs

Vision: Create an ergonomic chair with a sleek expression, which stands for lightness, well-being and flexibility.

Solution: Everything, from the wheels to the fabric, is designed specially for the Ambio. The upholstery padding on the chair is made from recyclable Ventec™, which is designed by RH, and helps to create a feeling of lightness.  The sharp thin frames and hole in the back further enhance this feeling.

Awards: FX Prima Award and the Benelux Office Products Award.

  • Service Design
  • kajsa @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Kajsa Bobjer

Recruitment concepts
for Lernia

Vision: Challenge attitudes and get more women to work in the traditionally male-dominated construction industry. Ultimately, enhance the entire industry by helping to give it a more gender-balanced workforce.

Solution: A holistic and iterative process was developed, which identified insights and answers on how to attract more women into the construction sector. This involved interviewing teachers, students and professionals to identify challenges; a future forecast studying tendencies within the sector; and a workshop generating ideas on how to develop education programs.


  • ABB
  • Afriso
  • Airsonett
  • Alde
  • Alfa Laval
  • Anna Bostäder
  • Anoto
  • ArjoHuntleigh
  • Asept
  • Asko
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Axis Communications
  • Beactica
  • Bedd
  • Beijer Electronics
  • Bentone
  • Berendsen
  • Beronem
  • Besam
  • Blinkfyrar
  • Bone Support
  • Business Security
  • C-Technology
  • Camp Scandinavia
  • Cefar Medical
  • Cellavision
  • Clinical Laserthermia Systems
  • Codab
  • Cometech
  • CoolGuard
  • Cpac
  • Danaher Motion
  • Doro
  • Dresser Wayne
  • Duni
  • Ecolean
  • Ericsson
  • Expolinc
  • Fabergé
  • Foma
  • Foss
  • Free2move
  • Frimeco
  • Gambro
  • Garos
  • Gastromax
  • Getinge
  • Glimek
  • Granuldisk
  • Gunnebo
  • Hammarplast
  • Hedson Technologies
  • Hemocue
  • Höganäs
  • Infuser
  • Iniris
  • Inor
  • Jacson
  • Jemm
  • Karosseriverken
  • Kelva
  • Lennartsfors
  • Lindab
  • Lip
  • Lunds Universitet
  • Malmö Högskola
  • Malmö Stad
  • Mectec
  • Mousetrapper
  • MultiQ
  • Näsfrida
  • Nibe
  • Nimo
  • Norogard
  • Norrgavel
  • Novosense
  • Octopus
  • Offecct
  • Optoteam
  • Orlo
  • Panasonic
  • Parts of Sweden
  • Phoniro
  • Precise Biometrics
  • Primare Systems
  • Procordia
  • Procurator
  • QLN
  • Quickex
  • Rantzows Sport
  • Regin
  • RH-Stolen
  • Sandvik
  • Sapa
  • SCA
  • Scancoin
  • Schneider Electric
  • Skånetrafiken
  • Sony Mobile
  • Stiga
  • Sveba Dahlen
  • Sweda
  • Swegon
  • TAC
  • Thule
  • Triple Promotion
  • Tunstall
  • Unilux
  • Veab
  • Vidilux
  • VSM Group
  • Wästberg
  • Zaplox
  • Zeta Display



Impressions from Milan

Last week we had some busy days at Salone del Mobile 2015 and Fuorisalone in Milan. This offered a lot of inspiration! Short report:

Read more

We saw a continuous focus on honest materials such as stone (especially marble!), wood (mainly darker tones) and lacquered metals.

A lot of plaited leather, knitted fabrics, metal mesh and perforated patterns in different materials were widely used.

The use of composite materials using biological fibers such 

as linen and wool seems to be an increasing technique!

Colour wise a lot of red, orange and earthy tones were also seen. A palette of different greens was also shown beside deep blue tones. Colours that fade into each other and unconventional colour combinations were also present.


Invention can reduce severe ruptures

Zenit Design responsible for design and development of a new perineal protection device

Read more

The number of women who suffer from rupture during childbirth has increased in recent decades. There are methods to try to prevent damage, but still we see serious rupture of about 3% of all deliveries in Skåne. At the Women's Clinic in Helsingborg a team has developed a device in the form of a plastic splint that will make the job better, and the aim is to bring down the statistics to zero. After good results from several years of

clinical tests, the team in Helsingborg now hope that their new perineal protection device soon would reach a wider market.

Zenit Design has been responsible for design and development of the perineal protection device, in close collaboration with Doctor Knut Haadem. The project has been ongoing for several years, where the tests step by step has provided input to the development of an optimized solution.


Packaging design with complex requirements

Zenit Design develops packaging for both consumer and B2B. Not infrequently it is about special solutions with very complex requirements, where our product design expertise is a great asset.

Read more

Packaging is an important value carrier that are important for the consumer's overall experience of a product. For the company it is an identity carrier that are crucial for reliable delivery, logistics, and product quality. Zenit Design develops packaging for both consumer and B2B. Not infrequently it is about special solutions with very complex requirements, where our product design expertise is a great asset. Like when we recently 

helped Hövding to refine the packaging concept for the second generation of invisible bicycle helmets. A small box with accessories should be docked in a big box. We solved the problem and now you can find the yellow, see-through cube with its black wedge shaped friend in stores around Europe and Japan.

Zenit Design is a member of Packbridge - an international network for the packaging industry and its stakeholders.


Visualizing for a good cause

We helped MSF-Sweden (Doctors Without Borders Swedish office)

Read more

MSF-Sweden (Doctors Without Borders Swedish office) has an Innovation Unit that captures and processes the organization's needs, experiences and ideas in various development projects. Zenit Design has helped MSF-Sweden’s Innovation Unit with visualizations of such an internal project.


The project involves improving the control and management of temperature-sensitive products, such as vaccines and medications that can be damaged if exposed to high or freezing temperatures. These are therefore handled within the so-called cold chain process that include different steps of storage and transport within a controlled temperature range (2-8C).


Among other things the project developed a concept, LMI-package (Last Mile Indicator), consisting of standardized

packages in three sizes equipped with temperature indicators. The idea is that these will improve the handling of temperature-sensitive products in the last and most difficult part of the cold chain, the "last mile". Besides improving the general handling of thermo-sensible items it is supposed to provide indications if they have been exposed to harmful temperatures.


Zenit Design has been a sounding board for ideas about the concept and visualizing the results with renderings and physical models, to facilitate the MSF-Sweden Innovation Units work around new ideas and concepts that will hopefully lead to field-oriented innovations.


A wearable for cold days

These ski socks is the first product with a new smart heating technology for clothes.

Read more

Inuheat is a technology company that focuses on integrating heating technology in clothing. With the help of a new smart battery pack and an app it will be easy to control the temperature in eg. gloves, underwear or socks. Zenit Design has been involved from the start and soon the first product - a heated sock - will be launched.

The sock manufacturer Seger will offer this ski sock made from merino wool with sewn in silver threads. Connected to a fully 

charged battery these socks keeps your feet warm in eight hours. The socks were recently displayed at the ISPO fair and gained a lot of interest. This fall, they will be up for sale in stores.

Zenit Design has developed product and mechanical design, which also implicated solving the crucial battery contacting to the garment. Charging is handled via USB. The product is equipped with Bluetooth for easy regulation of the heat through the mobile phone app.


Stockholm furniture fair 2015, through the eyes of Zenit Design

This year we found the Fair to be a positive and conscious place! Sustainability is gaining more attention and there is an interest for the processes behind the objects.

Read more

It is a lot about honest materials and interesting combinations. Wood, stone, metal, mesh, textures, leather, strings and bold textiles. Joints made into decorative details, and in the best cases also making the disassembling easier. Traditional craft is a strong source of inspiration. 

Color wise the pastels are still present but a darker and dirtier scheme is emerging, bright red and klein blue are important accent colors.

 And in addition to all the visual inspiration we also met a lot of great people!


Meet Zenit Design at “Business of Design Week” Hong Kong, 1-6 December 2014

Zenit Design is excited to join the collective of eleven companies representing industry, product and digital design from southern Sweden, at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong. A decade has passed since Swedish design was showcased through Business of Design Week last and much has happened since. 

Read more

The theme “Sweden-Living Design” is presented through four sub-headings: Live it, Wear it, Work it, Do it: 


You will find Zenit Design at the Trade Hall together with Malmö Stad, Region Skåne and Business Sweden.



For more information about the event, visit:




An honorable design award from "Swedish Form"

Zenit Design has been assigned “Årets formbärare 2014”, a price that is gives individuals, organizations or companies that in different ways play a major role in the development of form and design within the region.

Read more

The jury's verdict:

“Årets Formbärare 2014” has been appointed to a curious, praised and top-class crew that facilitates and enriches the lives of us all. Zenit Design established in Malmö autumn of 1994.Today, twenty years later, Zenit Design is a well established consulting firm with a strong team of designers, engineers and graphic designers. 

They have an extensive experience from projects in many different industries, with both local and international clients. In the region, Zenit Design had direct or indirect influence on business development, through fruitful collaborations with companies such as Alfa Laval , Sony Mobile, AstraZeneca, and others. "


Zenit Design 20 years!

We celebrate this with an exhibition at FORM/DESIGN Center in Malmö.

Read more

Our role as industrial designers is often to be the link between the user and the technology. With the exhibition at Form/Design Center we want to show people that designers leave their mark on so much more than just furniture and vehicles. The craft of being an industrial designer and the creative processes are constantly evolving. 

Through innovative processes, technical evolution and new materials, human behaviour and needs constantly change. Also social progress and global events are things that affect our trade, since they affect our customers’ dreams, and people’s everyday life.


Our latest medical design project.

The CellaVision® DM9600 is an automated digital cell morphology analyzer that will be marketed to clinical laboratories across the world.

Read more

CellaVision® DM9600 is the result of a close partnership between our industrial designer and the technical development team at CellaVision. The CellaVision® DM9600 is an automated digital cell morphology analyzer that will be marketed to clinical laboratories across the world.  

CellaVision wanted a simplistic design that was distinctive and instantly recognizable while demonstrating clear design synergies with other products within the CellaVision portfolio. The end result is a simple and confident design that seamlessly blends form and function.  


  • Jonas Svennberg
  • CEO
  • t +46 704 20 77 39
  • Carl Forslund
  • Creative Director, Founder
  • t +46 704 20 77 31
  • Johan Lundgren
  • Creative Director, Founder
  • t +46 704 20 77 30
  • Mårten Rittfeldt
  • Creative Director, Founder
    Sales & Business Development
  • t +46 704 20 77 33
  • Anita Haraldsson Hedbratt
  • Industrial Designer
  • t +46 705 66 05 38
  • Anna Branten
  • Business Strategist
    Innovation & Education
  • t +46 733 31 22 10
  • Susanna Bill
  • Innovation
  • t +46 706 20 77 90
  • Caroline Formby
  • Industrial Designer
  • t +46 760 45 20 40
  • Elin Annebäck
  • Industrial Designer
  • t +46 704 97 77 56
  • Emilia Mårtenson
  • Graphic Designer
  • t +46 765 42 22 03
  • Jan Lundgren
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • t +46 704 20 77 38
  • Joel Andersson
  • Design Engineer
  • t +46 76 542 22 23
  • Johanna Håkansson Wretling
  • Industrial Designer
  • t +46 708 74 29 41
  • Kajsa Bobjer
  • Industrial Designer
  • t +46 704 97 77 58
  • Malkus Arlemark
  • Mechanical Engineer
    Conceptual Engineering
  • t +46 704 20 77 35
  • Maria Lind Ekberg
  • Graphic Designer
  • t +46 761 13 55 34
  • Mariano Vozzi
  • Industrial Designer
  • t +46 704 97 77 53
  • Mathias Walter
  • Industrial Designer
    Design Strategy
  • t +46 704 20 77 37
  • Nils Carlén
  • CGI Artist
  • t +46 73 522 27 88
  • Oskar Ponnert
  • Industrial Designer
    Design Strategy
  • t +46 704 20 77 32
  • Staffan Dahlberg
  • Industrial Designer
  • t +46 704 97 77 57
  • Stina Hallström
  • Design Engineer
  • t +46 765 42 22 07
  • Ulrika Svensson
  • Controller
  • t +46 765 42 22 25
  • Susanne Carlstedt
  • Design Engineer
  • t +46 765 42 22 05
  • Victor Wassvik
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • t +46 735 31 30 75
  • Stephanie Franksson
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • t +46 765 42 22 26
  • Anna Fernhammar
  • Graphic Designer
  • t +46 707 83 22 40


Industrigatan 4
SE-212 14 Malmoe

t +46 40 93 77 33

Packhusplatsen 2
SE-411 13 Gothenburg

t +46 40 93 77 33

If you are creative and enthusiastic, we would like to hear from you. Please send your CV, portfolio and cover letter to careers@zenitdesign.se (careers@zenitdesign.se, Career) (max 8 MB).

If you are a talented student in a bachelor or masters program, please send us your portfolio to internships@zenitdesign.se (internships@zenitdesign.se, Internship) (max 8 MB). Internships start in January and August.

Do you have a project that you would like to discuss with us? Then we would really like to hear from you. To find out what we can do for you, please email us at projects@zenitdesign.se (projects@zenitdesign.se) or call Mårten Rittfeldt on +46 704 20 77 33.


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We combine innovative industrial design with state of the art product development and a strong pharmaceutical expertise. Read more

Inhalation device development requires an understanding of the intricate relationships between device, formulation and performance. Read more


Innovative product design is used to combine diverse user needs with strict regulatory and performance requirements. Read more


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Learn more about zenit design medical

Providing in-depth pharmaceutical experience

At Zenit Design, we offer innovative industrial design, state-of-the-art product development and extensive experience in the development of healthcare products. This puts us in a unique position to turn your vision into value.

By value we mean much more than value for money; we also create value by designing elegant, ‘on-brand’ products, which are practical, durable, and improve life for the healthcare professionals and patients who use them. 

A further way we create value is through our open approach, which is based on the seamless integration of designers and engineers. This allows us to work closely with you at every stage, whilst unlocking the full potential of our multi-discipline expertise and pharmaceutical experience. 

Importantly, we have a long track record in developing a variety of medical products, including: dry powder inhalers, metered dose inhalers, nebulizers, nasal devices, muscle stimulators, blood analysis equipment, and injectors. Consequently, we have in-depth knowledge of the quality and regulatory issues relevant to healthcare.

360° medical product development services

We offer a comprehensive range of services defined by multi-discipline synergy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These cover every aspect of the journey from initial concept to market, and reflect our extensive technical expertise in medical product development. Our integrated, user-centred approach to services fully capitalises on our diverse in-house design and engineering competencies. And while we offer all our services under the same roof, wealso have an extensive network of manufacturers and specialists in medical products, which we can call on, if required. Ultimately, through our services we share our in-depth knowledge of medical product development, which is based on:

  • Hands on experience of mechanical design, industrial design, inhalation technology, physics, aerosol science, electrostatics, fluid dynamics and pharmaceutics.
  • Thorough understanding of the intricate relationship between device, formulation and performance

Please contact Orest on +46 765 42 22 20 if you’d like to know more about our services.

Our seamlessly integrated team of designers and engineers can develop your device from initial concept to finished product. Having designed many varieties of medical devices, inhalers and injectors, we are experts on quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Medical products development is highly regulated and we can provide a complete set of design control documentation. We are used to working to various ISO standards (e.g. 13485, 14971, 20072) and are also experienced in working according to the FDA QbD initiative.

We have extensive experience in managing multi-discipline project groups, which include pharmacists, engineers, designers and clinicians etc. For more complex projects, we use a proven Redundancy Based Development (RBD) process, which mitigates risk, whilst ensuring projects are on time and on budget.

Over the years, we have acquired a lot of expertise in developing inhalation devices and other medical products. We share this knowledge by providing training seminars and tailored lectures, which are run by our experienced staff. We can also provide services related to due diligence and supporting M&A.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services including CAD design, device optimisation, prototyping and testing, tolerance analysis, fluid dynamics and material expertise. In doing so, we pay special attention to the critical interaction between the device, formulation and performance.

Using special tools and methods, we identify user needs and preferences. This allows us to create designs that meet the demands of the end-user, as well as all the other relevant groups, such as regulators, clinicians and suppliers etc.

The industrialisation of medical products requires regulatory approval and the creation of a supply chain that guarantees quality. To achieve these goals, we co-operate closely with global high volume suppliers in the scale-up process, technology transfer and production of cost-of goods estimates.

Zenit is part of MVIC, which was formed to bring together individuals and companies with in-depth expertise in high-quality inhalation product development, from the Copenhagen-Skåne area. MVIC offers a comprehensive set of world-class services and promotes Medicon Valley as global centre for inhalation R&D.
See more at inhalationconsortium.com »

Discover more about our other design services >>


  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Graphic Design
  • kajsa @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Kajsa Bobjer

Development of autoinjector
for Letcat

Vision: Create a new and improved user-experience for those who use autoinjectors. Design a product to be proud of, which combines user-friendly thinking with an exclusive look – ‘an autoinjector to be proud of’.

Solution: The Letject® autoinjector combines ease of use with a friendly, sleek and exclusive look. Usability is enhanced by a hidden display and modern interface, which adapts to the user’s life. Able to administer variable, fixed, multi or single doses, the device is equipped with wireless technology. This allows for healthcare providers to monitor usage in real time.

  • Mechanical Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Device Development
  • @ (Email)

Development of dry powder inhaler

Vision: Create a dry powder inhaler, which strikes the ideal balance between the requirements of all potential customers – e.g. users, clinicians, suppliers, regulators, buyers etc.

Solution: The innovatively designed inhaler reflects our extensive experience in developing DPIs. Each of its four modules – device, formulation, filling and manufacturing – has been independently designed to ensure optimal efficiency, performance and quality. The device works with the type of formulations normally used in DPIs. It can be filled using off-the-shelf filling equipment. In addition, it can be manufactured using established methods.

  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Interaction Design
  • marten @ zenitdesign.se (Email) Mårten Rittfeldt

Design of ergonomic injection tool
for Bone Support

Vision: Create a product design that reduces stress on physicians’ hands when they are mixing and injecting bone cement. Achieve this goal while optimising the production technique and use of materials .

Solution: The size and shape of the handle are designed to reflect user research: the surface on which pressure is distributed is enlarged as much as possible, without adversely affecting production costs. Texturing improves friction between the handle and sterile gloves of the operator. Branding is incorporated into the handle. The mixing valve is developed to facilitate workflow.


  • Jonas Svennberg
  • CEO
  • t +46 704 20 77 39


Industrigatan 4
SE-212 14 Malmoe

t +46 40 93 77 33

Packhusplatsen 2
SE-411 13 Gothenburg

t +46 40 93 77 33

If you are creative and enthusiastic, we would like to hear from you.  Please send your CV, portfolio and cover letter to careers@zenitdesign.se (careers@zenitdesign.se, Career). Please keep your portfolio below 8MB.

We are looking for talents who hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in industrial design. Our internships start in January and August. Please send your portfolio to internships@zenitdesign.se (internships@zenitdesign.se, Internship). Please keep it below 8MB.

Do you have a project that you would like to discuss with us? Then we would really like to hear from you. To find out what we can do for you, please email us at projects@zenitdesign.se (projects@zenitdesign.se) or call Orest Lastow on +46 765 42 22 20.


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